Accredited specialists in sports medicine, hip and knee replacement.

Dr. Joaquín Moya-Angeler, M.D, PhD
Licensed orthopedic surgeon specialist

  • European board certified (EBOT).
  • Accredited (ACGME) fellowship training in the USA in sports medicine, joint replacement, bone health and metabolism
  • Consultant orthopedic surgeon at university hospital Arrixaca, Murcia (level 1 trauma center).

Dr. Francisco Martínez, M.D, PhD
Licensed orthopedic surgeon specialist

  • Associate professor of orthopedics, Murcia University Medical School.
  • Chief of Section at the Arrixaca University Hospital, Murcia (level 1 trauma center).
  • Medical Director of Real Murcia Football Club, UCAM Murcia Football Club and El Pozo Murcia Indoor Football Club.

Dra. Begoña Mora, M.D, PhD
Licensed internal medicine specialist

  • Medical Director MdC Hospital Murcia.
  • Health promotion and sports medicine specialist.

Fernando Vázquez Ferrer
Licensed physiotherapist.

  • Sports Medicine specialist.
  • Osteopathic manual therapy specialist.

Medical conditions and procedures JourHealth Medical Services


Hand, wrist and elbow

· Tendinous avulsions, finger deformities (mallet finger…), volar plate injuries and collateral ligaments injuries.
· Triangular fibrocartilage injuries (TFC).
· Scapholunate dissociation.
· Median and ulnar nerve neuropathy: carpal tunnel syndrome etc.
· Carpal instabilities.
· Tennis elbow.
· Golf elbow.
· Ganglion cyst.
· Osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease, SNAC/SLAC wrist.
· Scaphoid non-union.
· Distal and proximal radio-ulnar joint pathology.


· Rotator cuff injuries/tears (supraspinous, subscapular, infraspinatus).
· Glenoid labral tears, SLAP lesion, shoulder instability/dislocation.
· Subacromial impingement syndrome.
· Biceps injuries/tears.
· Acromioclavicular conditions, dislocations and osteoarthritis.
· Osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease.


· Meniscal injuries: meniscal tears, meniscal cyst, discoid meniscus, bucket handle tears.
· Ligamentous injuries: anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) tears, medial collateral ligament (MCL) injuries, lateral collateral ligament (LCL) tears, posteromedial instability and posterolateral instability.
· Articular cartilage injuries/chondral lesions.
· Patellofemoral conditions (kneecap): chondromalacia, instability, dislocation/subluxation, lateral compression syndrome.
· Axis conditions, varus/valgus knee.
· Synovial plicae.
· Free/loose bodies.
· Patellar and quadriceps tendon conditions: traumatic acute tears, degenerative tears, partial tears, bursitis.
· Osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease.

Hip and Pelvis

· Osseous avulsions.
· Acetabular labrum tears.
· Femoroacetabular impingement (CAM and Pincer type).
· Articular cartilage injuries.
· Coxa saltans.
· Osteitis pubis.
· Athletic pubalgia and adductor tendinopathy.
· Trochanteric bursitis.
· Pyramidal syndrome.
· Osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease.

Foot and Ankle

· Anterior and posterior ankle impingement.
· Free/loose bodies.
· Articular cartilage injuries.
· Syndesmotic injuries.
· Ankle instability.
· Osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease.

Tendinous conditions (tendinitis/tendinosis, partial and full tears, acute and degenerative)

· Achilles tendon
· Patellar tendon
· Triceps tendon
· Hamstrings
· Biceps femoris
· Gluteus medius
· Posterior tibialis
· Iliotibial band syndrome.

Muscle conditions (acute and chronic)

· Muscle fiber microtear
· Full/complete tears
· Partial tears
· Compartmental syndrome.

Ligamentous injuries

· Sprains
· Partial/full/complete tears
· Instability.


· Diagnosis
· Medical and surgical treatment.

Osteoporosis and osteomalacia

· Diagnosis and medical treatment.

Stress fractures

· Femoral neck
· Tibial
· Metatarsals

Fragility fractures

Pathologic fractures

Bone bruises/edema

Osteonecrosis/bone infarcts

· Humeral head
· Femoral head
· Femoral condyle.


Procedures and
surgical techniques

Musculoskeletal ultrasound:

· Diagnosis of intraarticular conditions, tendinous, muscle and
ligamentous tears.

Ultrasound guided injections

· Hyaluronic acid injection
· Corticosteroid injection
· Growth factors/stem cells: platelet rich plasma (PRP), bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC).

Imaging test

· MRI, CT scan, bone densitometry, nerve conduction test.

Blood test

· Sports medicine and bone profile.

Sports medicine test

· Stress test, spirometry and others.

Arthroscopic surgery

· Wrist:
  · Triangular fibrocartilage (TFC) repair.
  · Scapholunate dissociation.
· Elbow:
  · Loose bodies.
  · Synovectomy.
  · Medial and lateral epicondylitis (tennis/golf elbow).
  · Stiff elbow..
· Shoulder:
  · Labral repair.
  · Biceps tenotomy/tenodesis.
  · Bursectomy.
  · Subacromial decompression.
  · Rotator cuff repair.
  · Chondroplasty.
· Hip:
  · Labral repair.
  · Chondroplasty.
  · Femoral head osteoplasty (CAM/Pincer lesions).
  · Loose bodies.
· Knee:
  · Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction.
  · Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) reconstruction.
  · Complex ligament reconstruction.
  · Meniscectomy.
  · Meniscal repair.
  · Meniscal transplant.
  · Treatment of chondral lesions/injuries (chondroplasty, microfractures, osteochondral allograft, mosaicplasty, autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI/MACI)).
· Ankle:
  · Loose bodies.
  · Chondroplasty.
  · Debridement.
  · Osteoplasty.
  · Ankle instability.

Orthopedic surgery/joint reconstruction/joint replacement (minimally invasive

· Wrist and elbow:
  · Osteotomies.
  · Partial/total fusions.
  · Joint replacements, wrist and elbow, partial and total.
· Shoulder:
  · Osteotomies.
  · Partial shoulder replacement/arthroplasty (PSA).
  · Total shoulder replacement/arthroplasty (TSA).
  · Reverse shoulder replacement/arthroplasty (RSA).
  · Patient specific instrumentation (PSI).
· Hip
  · Osteotomy
  · Hip resurfacing arthroplasty.
  · Total hip replacement/arthroplasty (THA).
  · Revision total hip replacement/arthroplasty.
· Knee
  · Osteotomy.
  · Partial knee replacement: unicondylar.
  · Partial knee replacement: femoropatellar.
  · Total knee replacement/arthroplasty (TKA).
  · Revision total knee replacement/arthroplasty.
  · Patient specific instrumentation (PSI).
  · Navigation.

Subchondroplasty/subchondral filling with growth factors/stem cells, bone, biologic ceramics

Humeral, femoral head and condyle decompression and filling with growth factors/stem cells, bone, biologic ceramics