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The general conditions of use of JourHealth regulate the access and use of the telemedicine management website as well as the contracting of medical packages for medical treatments contracted by the patient/user.

JourHealth will put all the necessary material and legal means to avoid the unwanted inclusion in this website of elements that may be introduced into it by third parties outside the website against the Legal Notice and its authorized uses. The owners of the website will only be responsible for the exclusive use of this website and in no case for the elements that have been introduced by unauthorized third parties.

Limitation of user actions

Users shall not be authorized to copy, distribute (including emails and the Internet), transmit, communicate, modify, alter, transform, assign or, in any other way, engage in activities that involve the commercial or illicit use of the website or of the contents or elements that comprise it, either in part or in full.

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Limitation of liability of the website

The owner of the website disclaims any kind of liability arising from damages of any kind that may be caused and specifically from those described below, merely by way of statement and not by way of limitation:

  • Inadequate functioning and/or technical deficiencies of the web, if this is due to maintenance work, to incidents, to a defective operation of the terminal or a lack of capacity to support the systems required to use the service.
  • Any possible security errors that viruses, files, programs and/or other harmful components may cause on the web or on the server. Of the damages that are generated to the user or to a third party in case of impossibility to provide the service in the cases of fortuitous event, force majeure, or other causes not attributable to the owners of the website.
  • Users who make improper use of the website, violate the Terms of Use, or violate the security systems of the website.
  • From information published on the web, blogs, social networks and other media, provided that this information has been manipulated or introduced by an unauthorized third party.


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Intellectual and industrial property

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Anyone who engages in any of the conducts described in this paragraph shall compensate the holder in respect of the wrongful acts committed.

Access to this website does not imply, in any case, the acquisition by the user of any property rights over the contents contained therein.

Applicable law, jurisdiction and notices

These conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with applicable Spanish and European legislation.

For any controversy that may arise in relation to the services provided through this website, the components of the city of Murcia courts will be used, waiving the user of any other jurisdiction that they may have.

JourHealth will pursue the breach of these Conditions, as well as any improper use of the website by exercising all civil and criminal actions that may correspond to and assist in law.